Randy J Ray

Changes for version 0.32

  • alpha twelve
  • Found and fixed a bug in RPM/Database.xs that was causing more of the "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" messages. In the process, noticed that caching of values during iteration wasn't actually working as designed. The resulting fix should improve database look-ups fairly noticably.
  • Two more places found (one in RPM/Header.xs, one in RPM/Database.xs) that were contributing to memory leakage.
  • A lot of changes to RPM/Constants.xs in terms of reducing the number and length of string-compares made in constant look-ups. This is most noticable in the RPM* set of constants, where the breakdown is the most granular. On the main dev box (a P-1/233MHz) this sped up the full test suite by over 25%.
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  • rpmprune - Remove unneeded files from a list of RPM package files


  • RPM - Perl interface to the API for the RPM Package Manager
  • RPM::Constants - Groups of RPM-defined symbols
  • RPM::Database - Access to the RPM database of installed packages
  • RPM::Error - Functions to supplement the internal error management of RPM
  • RPM::Header - Access to RPM package headers