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Changes for version 0.27

  • Removed a -w warning from RPC/XML.pm. Fixed some cases in the new() method of RPC::XML::boolean that would have permitted invalid data. Added two convenience methods to RPC::XML::fault, called code() and string(), that fetch the faultCode and faultString member values as native Perl values. The RPC::XML::base64 class was using the wrong container tags in the as_string method.
  • Clarified and expanded some of the documentation in RPC/XML/Server.pm.
  • Adjusted the PREREQ_PM hash in Makefile.PL so that it correctly looks for LWP, and also looks for File::Spec 0.8 or newer (needed to ensure that the splitpath() method is available).
  • Cleaned up the load-tests (t/00_load.t) to use the Test harnessing package. Added test suites for the RPC::XML data classes (t/10_data.t, 96 tests) and the RPC::XML::Parser container-class (t/20_parser.t, 7 tests).
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server