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Changes for version 0.29

  • Added share_methods(), copy_methods() and delete_method() calls to the RPC::XML::Server class (and thus to the Apache class as well). Had already added an INSTALL_DIR method to retrieve the class-specific installation dir to the Apache class, so mirrored it here, as well.
  • Added list_servers() static method to Apache::RPC::Server, to allow for abstract retrieval of the ID-tags of the current known servers. This is mainly so Apache::RPC::Status can use it in conjunction with get_server() to examine the server objects for the sake of stats and such.
  • Added list_methods() to RPC::XML::Server, to list the object's known (published) methods by name. Mainly for use in the regression suites, but worth documenting in the API in case someone else finds it useful.
  • Four of the provided methods in the introspection API (system.introspection, system.listMethods, system.methodHelp and system.methodSignature) needed to be updated to use the newer API for the XML::RPC::Method class when retrieving information from the server.
  • Started the test suites for RPC::XML::Method and RPC::XML::Server. The tests that are delivered as part of this build are not fully complete, but should be a reasonable start.
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server