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Changes for version 0.30

  • first beta release
  • Apache::RPC::Server::list_servers no longer sorts the list before returning it. No reason to assume it matters, or to levy that tax against those who don't care.
  • RPC::XML::Server::url now constructs saner strings for HTTPS and for HTTP on port 80.
  • The new() method in RPC::XML::Server wasn't quite handling the "host" and "port" arguments that Apache::RPC::Server sent it correctly.
  • Added a patch to the RPC::XML::Server class from Christopher Blizzard (blizzard@redhat.com) to allow control over the timeout interval that HTTP::Daemon uses in answering new connections.
  • Replaced a GNU Make-centric dependancy rule for the XPL files with a more portable .SUFFIXES-based one. This is unfortunate, as the % syntax of GNU make is much cleaner. But GNU Make isn't universal. Yet.
  • This release marks the debut of Apache::RPC::Status, a monitor similar in nature and design to Apache::Status, for running RPC servers under Apache/mod_perl. See the manual page for details.
  • Documentation for Apache::RPC::Server was updated based on trials and travails in trying to actually set up a configuration inside <Perl> blocks. This isn't very clear in the mod_perl documentation, but at least the docs for this module reflect exactly what I have configured on my development box, so I know it works.
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server