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Changes for version 0.42

  • Changed the test in Apache::RPC::Server of the Content-type header so that it accepts a header that contains "text/xml", as opposed to only accepting a header that exactly equalled that string. Allows for things like SOAP::Lite's XMLRPC::Lite which include a charset in the header.
  • time2iso8601() in the RPC::XML module now allows defaulting of the $time argument to time() (which means no timezone specification).
  • Found a bug in RPC::XML::Parser where base64 data being parsed in a request/response message wasn't being properly passed to the c'tor for RPC::XML::base64. Reported by Chris Brierley.
  • Added a line in Apache::RPC::Server to set the Content-Type header on HEAD responses. Apache won't take this from the usual header() method, it has to be explicitly set with content_type().
  • Two of the tests in t/40_server.t could cause fatal errors since a return value wasn't tested for ref-ness before having a method called on it. Fixed.
  • Compress::Zlib-based compression is now supported in RPC::XML::Server, RPC::XML::Client and Apache::RPC::Server. It should be compatible with the XMLRPC::Lite package's compression.
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server