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Changes for version 0.43

  • Changed methods/methodSignature.code, t/40_server.t and t/60_net_server.t so that the provided system.methodSignature follows the accepted API (returns a list of lists, rather than list of strings). Pointed out by Bjoern Stierand.
  • Added a missing helper (RPC_I4) to RPC::XML.pm.
  • Fixed a bad bug with the newly-added compression support in Apache::RPC::Server::handler. Because $self was defined earlier, strict failed to point out that my object in that scope was called $srv, rather than $self. And $self->compress didn't work, amazingly enough. Found and reported by Scott Fagg.
  • Added a credentials() method to the RPC::XML::Client class to set Basic Authentication credentials on the underlying LWP::UserAgent object. Per suggestion and sample implementation from Stuart Clark.
  • Fixed a docs-nit in RPC::XML::Server, and did some major clean-up in the docs for RPC::XML. In particular, added documentation for one of the data class methods that had been overlooked ("type").
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server