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Changes for version 0.59

  • t/10_data.t: Eliminated the source of some "Modification of a read-only value..." errors. Patch from Juan Camacho.
  • t/01_pod.t (ADD): t/02_pod_coverage.t (ADD): Two new unit-test suites added; the first checks the validity of the POD docs in each module (correctness tests), the other checks that POD covers all the publically-visible API routines (coverage tests).
  • lib/Apache/RPC/Server.pm: lib/Apache/RPC/Status.pm: lib/RPC/XML/Function.pm: lib/RPC/XML/Parser.pm: lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm: Fixes to POD documentation (and/or inline comments) as uncovered by the added POD-oriented unit tests.
  • README.apache (DELETE): MANIFEST: The README.apache file is no longer relevant.
  • lib/Apache/RPC/Server.pm: Fixed the logic around the setting of $no_def in new(); it was handling the no_default method-argument backwards. Found by Eric Cholet.
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm: t/01_data.t: Applied a patch from Jos Boumans to add flexibility to the smart_encode() hack that tries to match bare Perl data to RPC classes. At the same time, added documentation of the $ENCODE global variable in the documentation.
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server