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Changes for version 0.61

  • t/00_load.t: Converted to Test::More due to some cpan-testers reports that showed test 2 failing. Hoping this might provide better feedback if it continues to fail.
  • t/40_server.t: Changed a test for "localhost:$port" in the server URL method to optionally allow localhost.localdomain, for those systems whose /etc/hosts cause the former to convert to the latter. Was causing false failures.
  • t/40_server.t: t/50_client.t: t/60_net_server.t: Test suites armored against server processes that die as a result of croak() or other calls within 3rd-party modules. The client and net_server suites were also converted to Test::More at this time.
  • t/40_server.t: Fix for RT ticket #36078, fix the URL testing on the server object to be less strict. Instead of only allowing "localhost", now also allows "localhost.localdomain" and does a look-up of "localhost" for the 127.* IP address and permits that as well. In essence, this extends and supercedes the second change listed above after more invariant cases were discovered.
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm: t/10_data.t: Per RT ticket #30354 and specific request from a large agency using this package, implemented an "i8" type as an extension to the official XML-RPC specification. Documentation and tests included. THIS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED EXPERIMENTAL.
  • t/40_server.t: t/60_net_server.t: Some of the work in armoring the test suites against server-death changed the counts on tests and on call-counts in the system.status method. Some explicit re-starts didn't help.
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