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Changes for version 0.73

  • t/28_parser_bugs_50013.t (deleted)
  • t/90_rt50013_parser_bugs.t (added) Rename of t/28_parser_bugs_50013.t to fit more universal scheme for test suites that directly address specific RT bugs.
  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm
  • t/90_rt54183_sigpipe.t (added) RT #54183: Provide handling of SIGPIPE when sending the response to the client, in case they've terminated the connection.
  • MANIFEST Forgot to add the new test suite to MANIFEST.
  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm Forgot to update the module version number.
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm Fix typo in reftype() call.
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • t/90_rt54494_blessed_refs.t (added) RT #54494: Fix handling of blessed references in smart_encode().
  • lib/Apache/RPC/Server.pm
  • lib/Apache/RPC/Status.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Client.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Function.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Method.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLLibXML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLParser.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/ParserFactory.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Procedure.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm Large-scale code clean-up driven by Perl::Critic. All critic flags down to severity 1 now removed.
  • MANIFEST Forgot to add t/90_rt54494_blessed_refs.t when it was created.
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server