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Changes for version 0.74

  • t/90_rt54183_sigpipe.t RT #56800: Make this suite skip all tests on Windows platforms.
  • lib/Apache/RPC/Server.pm Clean up some run-time "use of undefined value" messages.
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLLibXML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLParser.pm
  • t/90_rt58323_push_parser.t (added) RT #58323: Started as making the parser interfaces correctly report errors when passed null-length strings or "0" values. Turned out that the error return interface from XMLLibXML.pm was not consistent with the rest of the system, so fixed that as well.
  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm
  • t/40_server.t RT #58240: Applied a patch from Martijn van de Streek that adds access to the HTTP::Request object to called method code.
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLLibXML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLParser.pm
  • t/90_rt58065_allow_nil.t (added) RT #58065: Allow the parsing of <nil /> tags when they are encountered, even if $RPC::XML::ALLOW_NIL is not set. Only limit the generation of these tags.
  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm
  • t/41_server_hang.t This test sporadically fails, so enhance the error message for more info. Also alter the test slightly, hoping it fixes the random failures.
  • etc/make_method Applied perlcritic to the make_method tool.
  • lib/XML/RPC.pm
  • t/10_data.t
  • t/20_xml_parser.t
  • t/21_xml_libxml.t RT #62916: Previous adjustments to the dateTime.iso8601 stringification caused it to no longer fit the XML-RPC spec. Fixed.
  • lib/RPC/XML.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Client.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Parser/XMLParser.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/ParserFactory.pm
  • lib/RPC/XML/Server.pm Used warnings::unused to find unused variables not found by Perl::Critic.
  • t/10_data.t Realized I had no boundary-tests for ints in smart_encode(). This revealed some problems with i8 values on my 32-bit system. Don't want to introduce dependency on BigInt right now, so marked those tests "TODO".
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  • make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server