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Changes for version 0.97

  • Reorganization of distribution to a more standard layout
  • Migration to Module::Build with EU::MM backwards compatibility
  • Migration of all tests to use Test::More and Test::Exception
  • Added Devel::Cover report to DBM::Deep POD
    • Test coverage improved to 89.6% (and climbing)
  • The following methods have been renamed to reflect their private nature:
    • init() is now _init()
    • open() is now _open()
    • close() is now _close()
    • load_tag() is now _load_tag()
    • index_lookup() is now _index_lookup()
    • add_bucket() is now _add_bucket()
    • get_bucket_value() is now _get_bucket_value()
    • delete_bucket() is now _delete_bucket()
    • bucket_exists() is now _bucket_exists()
    • find_bucket_list() is now _find_bucket_list()
    • traverse_index() is now _traverse_index()
    • get_next_key() is now _get_next_key()
    • copy_node() is now _copy_node()
    • throw_error() is now _throw_error()
  • The various tied classes have been broken out. This means that testing "ref( $obj ) eq 'DBM::Deep'" will now fail. The correct test is "eval { $obj->isa( 'DBM::Deep' ) }".
  • The various methods like push and delete now have the same return values as the standard builtins.
  • TIEARRAY and TIEHASH now check their parameters more thoroughly
  • Negative indices for arrays works as expected, including throwing the appropriate errors.
  • RT #16877 is fixed (DBM::Deep broken with Perl 5.9.3+).
  • RT #14893 is fixed (tie() and new() use different parameter lists).
  • A bug with optimize and threading is fixed.
  • autobless has received some attention, resulting in a number of bugs fixed.
  • Removed mode option as it just caused confusion.
  • Removed volatile option as it is pretty useless (use locking instead)
  • Locking now implicitly enables autoflush
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  • DBM::Deep - A pure perl multi-level hash/array DBM