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Revision history for Perl extension Apache::RandomLocation.

0.5   Sun Nov  7 23:16:12 CDT 1999 (

- fixed bug whereby some particular forms of the <Location>
  directive did not maintain their own images (spotted by
  Charlie Reitsma <>).
- added ability to use "home" directory configuration files
  based on a <LocationMatch> directive.

0.02  Thu Oct 15 09:17:35 CDT 1998 (

 - create ability to maintain different <Location> directives
   on the same server;
 - permit perl regular expressions in reading the list of 
   files on the server;
 - introduce the ability to function like the CPAN multiplexer
   code in redirecting clients to a nearby mirror site.

0.01  Tue Jun  2 22:52:08 1998 (

 - original version; created by h2xs 1.18