Revision history for Math::Cephes

0.47    Jan 6, 2009
  - dmake requires creation of dummy libmd file (reported by Sisyphus)

0.46    Jan 2, 2009
  - Intel Mac support (dsteinbrunner):
  - support for building on cygwin (patch supplied by Sisyphus)
  - remove LIBS from Makefile.PL, so as not to require creation of dummy
    libmd library, which causes problems on some platforms:
  - don't run test 36 of t/poly.t, which seems to fail consistently
    on some platforms:

0.45    July 26, 2007
  - fix bug in Math::Cephes::Complex to allow 0 as a value
    (thanks to Dan Connelly)

0.44    Apr 7, 2007
  - allow Darwin to use default config for Mac OSX 10 (Chip Stewart)

0.43    June 17, 2006
  - add lgam to list of functions in "gammas" tag
    (spotted by Philip Lijnzaad)
  - allow clr() method of Math::Cephes::Matrix to accept
    a value to set all matrix elements equal to
  - incorporate a couple of small changes in igam.c, igami.c,
    polylog.c, and hyperg.c to bring them in synch to cephes 0.28.

0.42    March 21, 2004
  - fix bug in Math::Cephes::Polynomial in the mult routine
    to get the right size of the resulting polynomial

0.41    Dec 30, 2003
  - use dummy setprec.c for Darwin
  - remove unneeded Math::cephes::fract
  - create bogus libmd/libmd lib, to avoid MakeMaker warning

0.40    Dec 20, 2003

  - move Cephes_wrap.c and arrays.c to top-level directory
    and configure Makefile.PL to build static libmd.
  - generate a mconf.h for darwin (thanks to Thomas Puzia)
  - upgraded Cephes_wrap.c swig wrapper
  - prepended md_ prefix to many functions, to avoid
    collisions with system functions (thanks to Thomas
    Puzia and David Martin for pointing out the problem)

0.36    Sept 12, 2002

  - added functions that require arrays into and out from
    C (simpson's rule, polynomial and matrix routines).
  - added Math::Cephes::Polynomial and Math::Cephes::Matrix
  - added Solaris mconf.h that mostly works (thanks to
    Jost Krieger).

0.25	Oct 25, 2000

  - changed Cephes_wrap.c to compile when MULTIPLICITY
    in perl 5.6.0 is defined (addition of pTHX_)

0.20    Mar 12, 2000

  - changed name from Math::Functions to Math::Cephes
  - added Math::Cephes::Fraction and Math::Cephes::Complex
    for a more "perlish" interface
  - added '-g -Wall -fno-builtin' when compiling with gcc
  - small documentation improvements
  - some changes to the pmath script, including the interface
    to handle fractions and complex numbers

0.10	Feb 14, 2000

  - original version, created by Swig with help from h2xs