Finance::Bank::CreateCard - Check your CreateCard account from Perl.


	This module is distributed under the standard perl license.


	This module provides programmatic access to the CreateCard account
	servicing website ( It does this by
	translating class method calls into HTTP transactions. The module 
	is entirely dependent on the site HTML on the createcard servicing
	website. If this should change the module will break and a new
	version will have to be released.  This program is licensed under
	the standard perl license.


	This module requires your online banking password to work. By 
	giving your online banking password to this module, you are giving
	it full control over YOUR MONEY! If you have not reviewed the 
	module and are comfortable that it's not doing anything untoward
	you probably shouldn't be using it. In addition, changes to the
	HTML of the createcard website could prevent this module from
	working, or make it do unpredictable things. You have been warned.


	Robert J. McKay <>