- Fix for RT #56926 which causes systems without SIGCHLD to exit on
  after 64 forked processes
- Patch for Makefile.PL applied which seems to have problems after the 
  reorganisation of the directory layout (RT #57914)
- Fix for RT #63089 which left over a time-window of 1 sec where
  Schedule::Cron could run havoc.
- Fixes for RT #68530 ("Exposing too much information..."), #68450
  ("Crash scheduling empty queue") and #68533 ("Thou shalt not REAP
  what thou has not forked...") provided by tlhackque. Thanks a lot !
- New options:
  * loglevel: Tuning of logoutput
  * nostatus: Avoid setting $0 to next schedule time
  * sleep: Custom sleep() function between two calls

- Fix for RT #54692 occured when removing an entry
- Fixed #55741 with help from Clinton Gormley (a perl bug occuring when 
  modyfing global hashes in an event handler)
- Fixed RT #50325 which could cause an infinite loop when calculating
  the next execution time
- Further bug fixes.


- Fixed issue when switching back DST which can result into amok 
  running jobs during this period. The behaviour for jobs triggered
  within this rewinded hour is still not defined properly (yet). 


- New option 'after_job' for new() which allows for a callback run
  after a job has been sucessfully run (RT #29040)
- Argument logging is done using data dumper (RT #39499)
- Private methods are now marked with '_'
- Added tests for increased kwallitee
- Switched over to Build.PL (Makefile.PL is still supported)
- Fixed some time calculation times (e.g. for the first DST switch in
  the year)  
- Allow comments at the end of a crontab line


- Use POSIX only where available, otherwise fallback to an emulation
  of waipid. 
- Fixed bug when previous SIGCHLD handler was not a coderef, but a
  String value like "DEFAULT" or "IGNORE"
- Added tests
- Made test more robust so they work now also on system without
  alarm() functionality (Win32)


- Applied patch for #4917 in order to be smarter to existing SIGCHLD
  handler and to reap only own childs.


- If a scheduled method in 'nofork' manipulates the execution queue with 
  add_entry or delete_entry, it will be picked up during the next run. 
- Clarified different behaviour of global variables within the fork/norfork 
  mode in the documentation
- Fixed warning about non-numeric arguments when sorting. 
- Fixed bug which called to an undefined methods in a die-message
- Pretty print a hashref in $0 if provided as argument and the 
  prefix for the name to be shown in the process list can be configured
  with the option "processprefix"


- Logging: It is now possible to add a reference to a custom logging
  subroutine to the constructor which will be used for logging certain
- NoFork: The option 'nofork' prevents Cron.pm from creating a new
  child process. Instead, the job is run within the current
  process. You can use the 'skip' and 'catch' options to tune the
- Seconds granularity: Cron times can now be specified up to the
- Bugfix: Thinks like "*/5" now work like expected


- Other bugfixes for parsedate problem with single digit hours/minutes 
  and warnings if argumentlist of command to execute is empty


- Minor bug fixes (reaping of child processes improved, 
  fixed regexp in get_next_execution_time())


- Initial Release