2011-06-02  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* lib/Schedule/Cron.pm: Applied jumbo patch from RT #68533.
	* (_update_queue): fixed DST detection (RT #63089)	
2010-05-14  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* Released Version 1.00. This is considered to be the final 
	  release. After 10+ years, Schedule::Cron is now feature complete, 
	  only bug fixes might lead to an additional release. Thanks for
	  your patience ;-)

2009-09-12  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* Released Version 0.99

2009-09-05  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* lib/Schedule/Cron.pm: Fixed issue for certain timeszone (like
	PST8PDT) where a backward DST switch make Cron.pm running amok by
	firing each job triggered in the extra hour without a delay
	between. Thanks A LOT to Eric Wilhelm for spotting and analysing
	this issue.
2009-04-03  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* Released Version 0.98

2009-03-24  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* lib/Schedule/Cron.pm (load_crontab): Allow comment at the end of 
	a crontab line

2009-03-23  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* lib/Schedule/Cron.pm (_calc_time): fixed some issues when
	calculating times for '*' entries

	* t/execution_time.t: Added test for checking proper DST behaviour

2009-03-21  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* Cron.pm (_time_as_string): marked all private subs to start with '_'

2009-03-20  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* t/pretty_print_args.t: Arguments are logged using Data::Dumper
	in a terse format

	* t/after_job.t: Added new option 'after_job' and test for it
	which allows for a single callback after any job has been run.

2006-11-27  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* Cron.pm (REAPER): Added support for plattforms where POSIX is
	not available.
	(run): Call previous childhandler only if it is a coderef

2006-11-08  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* Cron.pm (run): Removed leading space when no process prefix is
	used (for backwards compatibility)

2006-11-05  Roland Huss  <roland@consol.de>

	* CHANGES: added long forgotten patch for child process handling

2006-11-05  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* CHANGES: added patches and suggestions from
	  - Andrew Danforth
	  - Frank Mayer
	  - Jamie McCarthy
	  - Andy Ford

	  Thanks !
2006-11-04  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* Cron.pm: Worked on:
	  - Reexamination of crontabs entry in 'nofork' mode if someone
	    has added a new entry

2004-01-30  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* t/entry.t (Module): added and extended tests

2004-01-29  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* Cron.pm (add_entry): added heuristic for parsing crontab with 6
	time columns

2004-01-28  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* Cron.pm (new): added new options 'nofork', 'skip', 'catch' and
	(get_next_execution_time): allow a sixth column for specifing the
	second to start up

2002-08-09  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* Cron.pm (get_next_execution_time): added recognition of "*/5"
	notations (thanks to Loic Paillotin for spotting this problem)

2002-04-02  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* Released 0.0.5

2000-07-05  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* Cron.pm: added patch from Lars Holokowo for working around a bug
	in parsedate, which has trouble in parsing times in the form "3:1
	2000/6/30". Added tests to check for those dates 

2000-06-14  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* Cron.pm: added additional check for arguments to avoid warnings
	as suggested by  David Parker

	* Makefile.PL: added check for Time::ParseDate as suggested by
	Philippe Verdret

2000-06-12  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* Cron.pm: Fixed bug in regexp splitting the crontab entry in
	get_next_execution_time() report by Peter Vary

2000-03-23  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>
	* Cron.pm: fixed problem when reaping childs: Now SIGCHLD handler
	can handle more than one finished child at once (thanx to Bray
	Jones for discovering this bug)
2000-01-02  Roland Huss  <roland@cpan.org>

	* Initial release 0.001