++ed by:
Author image Roland Huß
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.72

  • Fixed problem with quotes in the config when using "Value" and/or "Base".
  • Adapted tomcat.cfg to be more flexible (e.g. replaced 'Catalina' domain part by a wildcard).
  • Fixed bug for merged MBeanServers when using multiple attributes and/or MBean patterns for a READ request
  • Fixed broken --target, --target-user and --target-password for check_jmx4perl (same for --proxy and co.)
  • Tuned output of complex data in j4psh
  • Unwrap an MBeanException to use the target exception for an error message
  • Agent tested with Mule 3.0


j4p agent protocol specification
Documentation for jmx4perl
Nagios plugin using jmx4perl for accessing JMX data remotely
A JMX Shell
JMX access tools and modules


Access to JMX via Perl
JSON-HTTP based acess to a remote JMX agent
Specialized LWP::UserAgent adding authentication support
JMX alias names for jmx4perl
Internal object representing a concrete alias
Configuration file support for Jmx4Perl
Central object for the JMX shell j4psh
Base object for commands
Globally available commands
Server related commands
Handler for j4psh commands
Custom completion routines for readline.
Handler for coordinating server access
Facade to Term::ShellUI
Module for encapsulating the functionality of check_jmx4perl
A single nagios check
Base package for product specific handler
Handler for Geronimo
Handler for Glassfish
Handler for Hadoop
Handler for JBoss
Handler for Jetty
Handler for Jonas
Handler for Resin
Handler for Spring dm-Server.
Handler for Terracotta server
Handler for Apache Tomcat
Handler for Oracle WebLogic
Handler for IBM Websphere
A jmx4perl request
A jmx4perl response