Changes for version 7.00 - 2022-01-17

  • Various module APIs now take Path::Tiny objects instead of string paths. Roughly, any module API that is not called directly by App::DocKnot::Command now expects paths in the form of Path::Tiny objects and does not always do an explicit conversion.
  • Fix Unicode handling in App::DocKnot::Spin::Thread methods. Output to files was handled correctly in most cases, but output to a scalar or to standard output was not, nor was output to a file when the input was generated by another program.
  • Fix processing of old-style pointers in docknot spin.
  • Fix import error when running docknot release.
  • Fix .versions updating via docknot release when the package that needs to be udpated is not the first line of the file.
  • When spinning an input tree, process all .rss files first in a separate pass. This ensurse the output files are seen when spinning the tree into the output directory.
  • Ensure docknot dist always regenerates the *.tar.xz file if necessary, rather than reusing one left over from a previous build of the same version.
  • Always recreate GnuPG signatures when generating distribution tarballs in docknot dist.
  • When copying distribution files with docknot release, also copy the modification timestamps of those files.


Static web site and documentation generator


Documentation and software release management
Run DocKnot commands
Read and return DocKnot package configuration
Prepare a distribution tarball
Generate documentation from package metadata
Release a distribution tarball
Static site builder supporting thread macro language
Generate HTML from a pointer to an external file
Generate RSS and thread from a feed description file
Generate page navigation links for spin
Generate HTML from the macro language thread
Parse package release information for spin
Update DocKnot input or package configuration
Shared utility functions for other DocKnot modules