DocKnot To-Do List

This file contains loose development notes for the current state of this
project.  Listed here are only the things left to be done.

Metadata required for README files:

* Contributor information (step-by-step guide, checklists)
* Generate a separate install file for Debian packaging
* Pointers to long licenses
* Where releases are announced
* Quick-start guide
* Jargon
* Release schedule
* Contributor SLA

Metadata required for web pages:

* Short description for index
* Category (obsolete packages have their pages manually maintained)

Metadata required for release:

* License overrides for build-license
* Default license for build-license

Additional output:

* Per-package RSS files from NEWS, excluding unreleased versions
* Generate external pointer files for spin for package documentation
* Update my software index
* Update my web site sitemap
* Set Open HUB metadata from package metadata via API

DocKnot itself:

* Pull the version number of a package from a single source
* Pull the synopsis for a Perl module from the Perl build system
* Document the metadata format
* Incorporate cvs2xhtml into this package
* Incorporate faq2html into this package (and rewrite as a Perl module)
* Incorporate build-license into this package (and rewrite as a Perl module)
* Automatically run build-license during the release process
* Add metadata files and overrides to build-license