Ron Savage

Changes for version 0.82

  • Implement online orders. This required many changes, including abandoning the countries/zones from osCommerse, and using those from Locale::SubCountry instead (to implement the onChange logic for the countries menu wiht less pain).
  • Change code, and docs, so storing data into order_items table does not perform calculations, e.g. tax. Only perform calculations when reporting (outputting order items, totals).
  • Split into and
  • Fix typo in dir name in $HOME/.perl/Business-Cart-Generic/ which used junk left over of copy-and-paste from Benchmark-Featureset-LocaleCountry. This is a doc fix only, in Business::Cart::Generic.
  • Stop dropping temp product_* tables in Loader.populate_tables(), since that was interferring with the drop/create/populate/place.order cycle.
  • Rename to, and to, to make room for online order templates.
  • Add country to data/order.items.csv and data/tax.rates.csv, and rearrange order of columns in those files. This is to fix the problem where 2 zones in different countries have the same code, e.g. VIC. Change Database::Loader to match.
  • Change auto-generated model in products table from (sprintf) SKU-%02i to SKU-%04i.
  • Remove product and model columns from data/order.items.csv. They're redundant in demo data.
  • Add,tx), for use by the Order tab. Add View::Order and Controller::Order to match.
  • After searching for order, fix calculation of total price and tax.
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