Ron Savage

Changes for version 1.01

  • Add dbh as an optional parameter to new(). If not supplied, use the config file to get DBI connect options. This makes testing easier, too. Document new parameter.
  • Add option data_structure to output a structure which can be turned into JSON. This uses the new method build_structure().
  • Make pretty-printing the tree a stand-alone method: pretty_print().
  • Add Tree::DAG_Node::Persist to See Also.
  • Add README file.
  • Patch usage of File::Temp in t/test.t for BSD-based systems (EXLOCK => 0). This is part of making the code look much more like t/test.t as shipped with Test::DAG_Node::Persist.
  • Adopt DBIx::Admin::CreateTable for t/test.t.
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