Ron Savage

Changes for version 0.90

  • Allow spaces in graph definitions, by expanding the regexps in the state transition table.
  • Add more sample data, as data/*.raw (for input to the lexer) and data/*.cooked (as output from the lexer and input to the parser).
  • Adopt Set::Array instead of manually managing some arrayrefs.
  • Ensure all major methods (normally run() ) return 0 for success and 1 for failure, and that test code does too.
  • Switch from Moose to Hash::FieldHash, to make the code more light-weight.
  • Implement scripts/ to create a web page with embedded Graph::Easy files and corresponding *.svg files.
  • Upload demo to
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  • - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Lexer and Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser.
  • - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Lexer.
  • - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser.