Ron Savage

Changes for version 1.06

  • Improve home-grown to include not just *.pm files, but also *.pl and *.t files, so as to find more dependencies.
  • Add Capture::Tiny, File::Remove, File::Temp, Getopt::Long, List::Cycle, Pod::Usage and Text::Xlate to Build.PL and Makefile.PL.
  • And yes I know, List::Cycle is not really needed (yet) :-).
  • Patch the STT so that attribute definitions for classes can have leading spaces, as edge and node attribute definitions already could. Eg: 'graph {rankdir: TB }' can now be 'graph { rankdir: TB}'. Note the new space in front of 'rankdir'.
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  • - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Lexer and Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser.
  • - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Lexer.
  • - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser.