Ron Savage

Changes for version 1.12

  • Change all uses of shape 'square' to 'rect', since older versions of Graphviz didn't have 'square'. This affects data/, data/class.node.09.raw, and POD in and The corresponding data/*.cooked files change as a result, when they are re-generated.
  • Change all functions (not methods) in from my(undef...) to my($stash...). This feature of Marpa is not used, but might be one day. The $stash is a hashref of per-parse info.
  • Change sub log(): From: $self -> logger -> $level($s) if ($self -> logger) To: $self -> logger -> log($level => $s) if ($self -> logger) The reason for this is that if your logger is derived from another class or role, that class or role had to provide not just the log() method, but all of debug(), info(), notice(), warning(), warn(), error(), err(), critical(), crit(), alert(), emergency() and emerg(), just in case any of them are needed. I should not have used that design, because it forces other code to provide too much complexity. This affects Graph::Easy::Marpa, Graph::Easy::Marpa::Lexer, Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser and Graph::Easy::Marpa::Renderer::GraphViz2.
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  • - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Lexer and Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser.
  • - Generate Graph::Easy::Marpa's html/stt.html.
  • - Generate Graph::Easy::Marpa's html/stt.html.
  • - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Lexer.
  • - Run Graph::Easy::Marpa::Parser.