Ron Savage

Changes for version 2.00

  • Massive update. Switch from Marpa's NAIF (Original interface) to its SLIF (Scanless interface). This means I'm using Marpa for lexing and parsing. So, all references to the old lexer are gone.
  • Put author tests in xt/author.
  • Switch from Hash::FieldHash to Moo.
  • Switch from Path::Class to Path::Tiny.
  • Replace IO::File and Text::CSV_XS with Text::CSV::Slurp.
  • Remove from pre-reqs: Data::Section::Simple, List::Compare, Module::Load, Set::FA::Element, Text::CSV_XS.
  • Delete Graph::Easy::Marpa::Lexer and Graph::Easy::Marpa::Lexer::DFA.
  • Split the method get_files() out of Graph::Easy::Marpa::Utils into Graph::Easy::Marpa::Filer. This means t/tokens.t does not need to load the config file.
  • Add Graph::Easy::Marpa::Actions for the new parser's callbacks.
  • Rearrange code in Graph::Easy::Marpa::Renderer::GraphViz2's run() method so that the dot commands are saved to disk (if requested) before attempting to run 'dot'. This means dot's input file, new(dot_input_file => $name) is available even if dot exits with an error.
  • Delete scripts/ and scripts/ now that there is no separate lexer.
  • Change parameters used by scripts/ Run -h for instructions.
  • Change parameters used by scripts/ Run -h for instructions.
  • Rename data/*.raw to data/*.ge.
  • Rename data/*.cooked to data/*.tokens.
  • Ship data/*.dot, the output from the default renderer.
  • Add scripts/
  • Add data/edge.09.* and data/edge.09.svg to demonstrate juxtaposition of edges without spaces.
  • Delete scripts/
  • Delete scripts/ and scripts/ Use and instead.
  • Rename scripts/ to scripts/
  • Rename scripts/ to scripts/
  • Rename CHANGES to Changes as per CPAN::Changes::Spec.
  • Update docs. This includes a new FAQ section on the tiny differences between V 1 and V2 in terms of the input syntax expected and the output file differences. It also includes removal of all references to the state transition table used by the old DFA code.
  • All input test data files now have the suffix '.ge' rather than '.raw'.
  • All output test data files now have the suffix '.tokens' rather than '.cooked'.
  • All output test dot files - '*.dot' - are now shipped in the data/ directory. Previosuly they were not shipped.
  • Some test data files have been renamed to remove gaps in the ranges of the numeric parts of their names.
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