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Ron Savage

Changes for version 1.00

  • This is a re-write of GraphViz. The method parameter lists are incompatible. Sorry, but it now supports all options and attributes in Graphviz V 2.23.6.
  • Rewrite GraphViz, GraphViz::Data::Grapher, GraphViz::Parse::RecDescent, GraphViz::Parse::Yacc and GraphViz::Parse::Yapp. The core code of *::RecDescent, *::Yacc and *::Yapp has been copied from GraphViz, with tiny changes.
  • GraphViz2::Data::Grapher uses Tree::DAG_Node to hold information, before calling external plotting programs. The tree is available for you to process whether or not you actually plot the graph.
  • GraphViz::Regex renamed GraphViz2::Parse::Regexp.
  • GraphViz::XML renamed GraphViz2::Parse::XML. And it uses XML::Tiny by default. One demo shows how to use XML::Bare instead.
  • All new documentation.
  • All new demos, in scripts/*.pl. These are documented in GraphViz's POD.
  • All demo output included, in html/*.html and html/*.svg.
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