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Ron Savage

Changes for version 1.08

  • Change the behaviour of sub log() in GraphViz.pm. Now if called with $level eq 'error', it dies with $message.
  • Change references to the color darkblue to blue, so it's compatible with both the X11 and SVG color schemes.
  • Likewise change chartreuse to lawngreen.
  • Rename scripts/generate.index.pl to scripts/generate.demo.pl, as a more meaningful name.
  • Patch scripts/generate.demo.pl to accept the output image type as a command line parameter.
  • Use this new feature to generate png files, and upload them to the demo site http://savage.net.au/Perl-modules/html/graphviz2/ even though png is often uglier than svg. I did this because Iceweasel (Firefox) V 3.5.16 was not displaying svgs within the index file, even though they are fine when displayed directly.
  • Add scripts/generate.png.sh.
  • Note: scripts/jointed.edges.pl must call dot with -Tpng:gd and not -Tpng, for unknown reasons.
  • Make both scripts/generate.png.sh and scripts/generate.svg.sh redirect their log files to /tmp, so that we don't have to ship the logs, and also so they don't keep changing and hence need checking in.
  • Remove ./dbi.schema.log from the distro.
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