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Ron Savage

Changes for version 1.10

  • Fix bug in GraphViz in handling of nodes whose shape is none or plaintext, and whose label is HTML.
  • Fix bug in scripts/generate.png.sh to add png parameter to 'perl -Ilib scripts/generate.demo.pl png'.
  • HTML labels work without any code changes, so references to them not working have been removed from the docs.
  • GraphViz2 is called by the now-released Graph::Easy::Marpa, so remove that item from the TODO list.
  • Fix doc referring to scripts/generate.index.pl. It now refers to scripts/generate.demo.pl.
  • Add DOCTYPE and Content-type to html/graphviz.index.tx. Output by scripts/generate.demo.pl, html/index.html, now handles UTF-8 properly.
  • Add alt to the <img ...> tags output by scripts/generate.demo.pl.
  • Add scripts/html.labels.pl. This code includes a demo of using ports.
  • Reorder methods in GraphViz2::Utils to be in alphabetical order.
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