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Ron Savage

Changes for version 1.12

  • Add 5 scripts, scripts/macro.*.pl, to demonstrate using a Perl sub as a macro to generate both cluster and non-cluster sub-graphs.
  • Update the TODO in GraphViz2.pm, since it erroneously gave the impression the current code did not handle compound clusters.
  • Re-generate the demo. See: http://savage.net.au/Perl-modules/html/graphviz2/.
  • Adopt Flavio Poletti's suggestion of trying to pipe to dot, in Build.PL/Makefile.PL, rather than using File::Which, to see if dot (Graphviz) is installed. This (hopefully) solves the problem of using File::Which on systems where it is not installed, before Build.PL/Makefile.PL has a chance to tell the user that File::Which is required. See: RT#73077.
  • No code changes in *.pm files.
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