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Ron Savage

Changes for version 2.01

  • I only tested V 2.00 by outputting to SVG (a text format), but outputting to a binary format such as PNG was broken. So, remove the 'use open qw/:encoding(UTF-8) :std/;', and restore binmode, in GraphViz2.pm.
  • Remove log to screen in utf8.pl, since Log::Handler doesn't accept utf8 as a logger option.
  • Copy scripts/utf8.pl to scripts/utf8.test.pl and edit to display just 5 delta characters. See html/utf8.test.svg. PNG is ok too. This demonstrates (hopefully) we can get the correct output on a binary format despite the 'Wide character in print...' message.
  • Add FAQ topic regarding this 'Wide character in print...' problem.
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