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Ron Savage

Changes for version 2.16

  • Patch GraphViz2.pm to handle both SVG and (eg) PNG output. I failed to test this properly. Thanx to Kent Fredric for this. See RT#87525.
  • Patch scripts/Heawood.pl to use font ArialMT instead of Arial when running under Darwin (OSX). Grrrr. Thanx to David Jack Olrik for this. See RT#87478.
  • Remove special case code in scripts/jointed.edges.pl. It used png:gd instead of png, to work round an unknown Graphviz problem. Let's hope /your/ version of Graphviz is up-to-date.
  • Patch scripts/circo.pl: Add comment searched for by t/test.t, which is used to label html/index.html.
  • Add scripts/generate.sh.pl to generate scripts/generate.png.sh and scripts/generate.svg.sh. This adds 2 tests, and 2 images to the demo page, and fixes various typos in those *.sh files.
  • Switch from Hash::FieldHash to Moo.
  • Add config/.htgraphviz2 to help the author generate the demo.
  • Add GraphViz2::Config.pm, and split GraphViz2::Filer off from GraphViz2::Utils, which also helps generate the demo.
  • Switch from Hash::FieldHash to Moo.
  • Use File::Slurp except where I need Perl6::Slurp's utf8 option. I needed File::Slurp's write_file for the new script scripts/generate.sh.pl, so I decided to use it in most places.
  • Rename scripts/utf8.pl to scripts/utf8.1.pl.
  • Rename scripts/utf8.test.pl to scripts/utf8.2.pl.
  • Rename html/utf8.svg to html/utf8.1.svg.
  • Rename html/utf8.test.svg to html/utf8.2.svg.
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