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Ron Savage

Changes for version 2.19

  • Remove the global graph attribute 'record_orientation', as forewarned in V 2.10, in June.
  • Fix handling of some global attributes. Previously, some options mentioned in the call to new(...) were not set by that call. The options affected were: 'driver', 'format', 'strict', 'subgraph' and 'timeout'. The options 'driver', 'format', and 'timeout' could be set in the call to run(...), but in new(...), the value of 'format' was ignored, and the value of 'subgraph' generated an error referring to '... not a valid attribute ...'. Thanx to Larry Knibb for reporting this problem, for 'driver'.
  • Remove reference to GraphViz2::Parse::Marpa from scripts/pod2html.sh. See comment below for V 2.15. This module has been replaced by MarpaX::Grammar::GraphViz2, which depends on MarpaX::Grammar::Parser.
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