Revision history for Perl extension Module::Metadata::CoreList.

1.09  2017-07-10T18:17:00
	- Make t/test.corelist.t immune to the version of Module::CoreList installed, since my version #
		of the latter was encoded into the expected test results.

1.08  2017-06-26T17:53:00
	- Rename test files from \d\d.*.t to *.t.
	- Adopt new repo structure. For details, see

1.07  2012-09-17T11:30:00
	- Use exists() on elements of %{$Module::CoreList::version{$perl_version} }.
		This includes now outputting 'undef' in sub check_perl_for_module(), if necessary.

1.06  2012-07-30T13:11:00
	- Clean up docs in bin/cc.*.pl.
	- Prettify template htdocs/assets/templates/module/metadata/corelist/
	- Rectify lists of pre-reqs in Build.PL and Makefile.PL.

1.05  2012-03-15T10:17:00
	- Force Build.PL and Makefile.PL to install File::HomeDir >= V 0.99, so my_dist_congfig() is available.
		Consequently, force t/test.corelist.t to ingore this module when cross-checking output.
	- Add bin/ to MANIFEST.

1.04  2012-03-10T11:24:00
	- Force Build.PL and Makefile.PL to install Module::CoreList >= V 2.61.
		Originally, all version #s were 0, for ease of checking the output.
		But different versions of Module::CoreList report different lists of modules for the same version of Perl.
		Consequently, force t/test.corelist.t to ingore this module when cross-checking output.

1.03  2012-02-29T09:02:00
	- Re-write tests to avoid command-line quoting problems on Windows, using Capture::Tiny.

1.02  2012-02-27T11:03:00
	- Fix t/test.corelist.t to not hard-code the version # of Module::CoreList, but to get it from that module.

1.01  2011-11-01T11:09:00
	- Extend Module::Metadata::CoreList to provide direct access to some functions declared in Module::CoreList,
	  	specifically find_modules() and find_version.
	- Add bin/ to utilize the new features. Both this script and bin/ will be
	  	installed along with the module itself.
	- Add t/test.corelist.t to test method run().
	- Add t/test.perlmodule.t to test method check_perl_module().
	- Update the docs to discuss bin/

1.00  2011-07-07T13:34:00
	- Original version