Revision history for Perl extension Regexp::Parserton.

1.05  2018-11-21T14:05:00
	- Abandon 'use boolean'. It started to cause 5 tests to fail on line 23 of

1.04  2018-07-11T07:43:00
	- The code had a bug whereby if the parse was ambiguous, the message printed started with
		'Marpa warning. Parse ambiguous. Status: ...', but then the code went on to call Marpa's
		value() method, which died with its own message.
		In this case, the code now returns undef from _process(), and the message printed is
		'Marpa error. Parse ambiguous. Status: ...'. Then, in parse(), the code dies.
	- Start using 'use boolean'.
	- Add examples/
	- In a couple of places, when the code died with a message, and verbose > 1 was active, the
		message was printed just before the die, meaning it appeared twice. These print statements
		have been removed.
	- Change usage of \n for some error messages while cleaning up same.

1.03  2018-02-12T16:36:00
	- Remove 'use 5.10.1;' which reappeared after I did 'git reset --hard'.
	- Update docs re stringification and versions of Perl supported.
	- Replace say with print since I am switching between Perls.
	- Remove the Actions module. It was only meant for debugging.

1.02  2018-02-12T13:16:00
	- Adjust minimum Perl version in Makefile.PL from 5.10.1 to 5.14.0, which is when regexp
		stringification changed significantly.
	- Clean up some test scripts, which were not maintaining the internal test count used by my
		local program (which tests all my modules which use Marpa).
	- Add a couple of missing alternatives to extended regexps of type '3: (?:pattern) etc',
		specifically under the definition of colon_thingy.

1.01  2018-02-08T12:00:00
	- Adjust minimum Perl version in Makefile.PL from 5.20.2 to 5.10.1, to match Marpa::R2.
	- Ensure same version of Perl is 'use'd in all *.pl and *.t files.
	- Add link in docs to CPAN Testers fast-matrix of test results.

1.00  2018-02-07T12:00:00
	- More work on the sample code and the docs. Update the version # to 1.00.

0.90  2018-02-04T14:13:12
	- Many, many changes to the BNF. Various updates to the docs. Known failures to parser empty
		regexps have been moved to t/

0.81  2018-01-15T10:08:00
	- Add, document and test the new find($string) function.
	- Expand BNF.

0.80  2018-01-14T15:08:00
	- Expand the BNF to cover all the major items in
	- Add a brief tutorial to the FAQ.
	- Running 'prove -lv t' currently passes 955 tests.

0.52  2018-01-05T10:59:00
	- Adopt new repo structure. For details, see
		This includes switching from the Artistic V 1.0 licence to the Perl licence.
	- Clean up code.
	- Expand bnf, so t/test.t, scripts/ and scripts/ work with new bnf.
	- Add pre-req Perl V 5.20.2 to avoid regexp syntax issues until I'm ready.

0.51  2016-04-01T13:01:00
	- Fix pre-reqs.
	- Rename perl-5.21.11/regexp.t perl-5.21.11/regexp.txt so my make file 'validator' ignores it.
	- Add t/generate.tests.txt.
	- Remove scripts/synopsis.(pl,log) and rename scripts/ to scripts/
	- Clean up this file, and hence also Changelog.ini.

0.50  2016-04-01T10:13:00
	- Add BNF for extended patterns.
	- Expand scripts/ to effectivly run tests.
	- Create a simplistic t/test.t.
	- Rename as_string() to _string2re().
	- Add new as_string().
	- Expand BNF. Output to indented tree.
	- Add reset();
	- Add scripts/ and scripts/ (a non-test copy of t/test.t).

0.01  2016-02-14T12:40:00
	- Original version