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Changes for version 0.27

  • Fix RT#81971, kindly reported by Henrik Hald Nørgaard. When special chars, as used in regexps, are set members, or used to find set members, they must be quoted with \Q$value\E inside regexps. This fix was applied to count(), delete(), exists(), index() and rindex().
  • Add t/rt.81971.t to exercise the new code.
  • While examining the code for this fix, I found a couple of other bugs: In index() and rindex(), the value searched for was compared with each set member using this regexp, /$value/, instead of this regexp, /$value$/. The missing, trailing, $ meant that the member could match just the prefix of $value, rather than match the value exactly. So in those 2 methods the tests are now /\Q$value\E$/. The other 3 methods mentioned above already used /$value$/.
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