Changes for version 1.34 - 2023-09-24

  • Fix issue #19 (AKA rschupp/PAR-Packer#78): invalid paths in zip file
    • Restore behaviour from version 1.31 when using "pp --execute ..." or " --execute ...".
      • When using "scan_deps(execute => 1, ...)", %INC as gleaned from running the script must be sanitized. Contrary to documentation "The key is the filename you specified (with module names converted to pathnames)" %INC *may* contain keys that are *absolute pathnames* (or start with "./relativ/path" when "relative/path" is in @PATH). Examples are autosplitted modules (for autosplit.ix and *.al files). pp will pack these absolute paths into the zip (Archive::Zip doesn't complain) which results in strange error messages when the packed executable tries to unpack them under CACHEDIR/inc on Windows.
      • Add t/19-autosplit.t to test for this. Add IPC::Run3 to TEST_REQUIRES, used in t/19-autosplit.t
  • Add GitHub CI


Scan file prerequisites


Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies