Changes for version 1.057 - 2022-11-01

  • use a different method to mark executable built from "pp --clean ..."
    • scripts/ don't patch the string "__PASS_PAR_CLEAN__ \0" in the "boot" section of the executable and ...
    • myldr/boot.c: ... stop looking for the patched string
    • scripts/ add "\0CLEAN" in lieu of "\0CACHE" (and drop the 40-byte cache name below that) in the "trailer" section when generating a packed executable when META.yml indicates "--clean" was specified)
    • myldr/mktmpdir.c: allow "\0CLEAN" as an alternative to "\0CACHE" and set PAR_CLEAN=1 in that case
    • myldr/mktmpdir.c: implement find_par_magic() akin the one in script/
  • better CLT detection in MacOS (#70) [plk <>]
  • use Getopt::ArgvFile with resolveEnvVars=1 suggested by Johan Vromans (@sciurius on GitHub)


Make and run Perl Archives
Binary PAR Loader
frontend to pp written in Perl/Tk.


Pack applications in a single executable file
Input filter for PAR
Bleach filter
Bytecode filter
Obfuscating filter
Content patcher
POD-stripping filter
PAR Packager
Base class for the PARL data packages
PAR Packager