This module tries to mimic the 'tail -f' behaviour
using Event.

It detects file deletion, rename, rotation providing a simple way to keep 
track of files like log files.

I wrote this for use with my project cmc/cmcd, however I have seem many 
people looking for an implementation like this that wouldn't BLOCK.

Note that is usuless. for a sample code see demo/
It will read the file read_file until a timeout happens.  You
can open another shell and "echo text >> demo/read_file" to see it working.

the tail watcher is a fake watcher in terms of Event watchers.  It
tries to mimics some characteriscs from the real Event watchers, but
just the ones covered in the Event::File::tail pod file.

Please refer to Event::File::tail and Event::File pod/man pages.

Have fun,

Raul Dias <>