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Chris Weyl
Fedora::Bugzilla - Interact with Fedora's bugzilla instance
Fedora::Bugzilla::Bug - Bug class
Fedora::Bugzilla::Bug::Flag - A set flag on a bug
Fedora::Bugzilla::Bug::NewAttachment - Define the paramaters needed to create an attachment
Fedora::Bugzilla::Bugs - A set of bugs
Fedora::Bugzilla::NewBug - New bug class
Fedora::Bugzilla::QueriedBugs - A set of bugs resulting from a query/search
Fedora::Bugzilla::Role::NewHash - Provide a 'to_hash' method
Fedora::Bugzilla::Types - Moose types and coercions for Fedora::Bugzilla
Fedora::Bugzilla::XMLRPC - Subclass RPC::XML::Client to catch login faults
Changes for version 0.13
    • minor update: NewBug/alias type is now Maybe[Str]

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