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Dmitri Tikhonov
RT::Client::REST - talk to RT installation using REST protocol.
RT::Client::REST::Attachment - this object represents an attachment.
RT::Client::REST::Exception - exceptions thrown by RT::Client::REST methods.
RT::Client::REST::Group - group object representation.
RT::Client::REST::Object - base class for RT objects.
RT::Client::REST::Queue - queue object representation.
RT::Client::REST::SearchResult - Search results representation.
RT::Client::REST::Ticket - this object represents a ticket.
RT::Client::REST::Transaction - this object represents a transaction.
RT::Client::REST::User - user object representation.
RT::Client::REST::Forms in lib/RT/Client/REST/Forms.pm
RT::Client::REST::HTTPClient in lib/RT/Client/REST/HTTPClient.pm
RT::Client::REST::NoopLogger in lib/RT/Client/REST.pm
RT::Client::REST::Object::Exception in lib/RT/Client/REST/Object/Exception.pm
Changes for version 0.49
    • This module is now all covered by the Perl Artistic License: GPL is gone. This was done with permission from the original author of the command-line `rt' utility, Abhijit Menon-Sen.
    • Support custom fields that contain '#' in their name. Patch contributed by Ryan Niebur in RT#83856 -- thanks!
    • Documented get_links() -- RT#68673.
    • All tests now correctly run on Windows -- RT#81872.
    • All tests now correctly run on OpenBSD -- RT#95223.

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