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Changes for version 0.50

  • Added the 'disabled' attribute to RT::Client::REST::Group and RT::Client::REST::Queue to match the addition in RT 4.2.2 -- commit 7557633. Thanks Tom.
  • Allow a trailing forward slash in the server URI -- RT#97621. Thanks Marco Pessotto.
  • Tests in 82-stringify.t are skipped with LWP::UserAgent 6.04 which has buggy read timeout -- commit da577af. Thanks Marco Pessotto.
  • Fixed warning `Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated' in perl 5.22 -- RT#106795. Thanks Mike Andrews.
  • Fixed documentation for RT::Client:REST::search() in POD -- RT#98160.
  • Removed MYMETA* files from distribution -- RT#108083
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