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Alex Vandiver
RT::Action::SLA - base class for all actions in the extension
RT::Action::SLA_SetDefault - set default SLA value
RT::Action::SLA_SetStarts - set starts date field of a ticket according to SLA
RT::Condition::SLA_RequireDueSet - checks if Due date require update
RT::Condition::SLA_RequireStartsSet - checks if Starts date is not set
RT::Extension::QueueSLA - default SLA for Queue
RT::Extension::SLA - Service Level Agreements for RT
RT::Action::SLA_SetDue in lib/RT/Action/SLA_SetDue.pm
RT::Condition::SLA in lib/RT/Condition/SLA.pm
RT::Condition::SLA_RequireDefault in lib/RT/Condition/SLA_RequireDefault.pm
RT::Queue in lib/RT/Queue_SLA.pm
Changes for version 1.01
    • Documentation and packaging updates; no code changes

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