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Kevin Falcone
rtx-shredder - Script which wipe out tickets from RT DB
rtx-validator - Script that allow validate rt database
RTx::Shredder - DEPRECATED Cleanup RT database
RTx::Shredder::Constants - RTx::Shredder constants that is used to mark state of RT objects.
RTx::Shredder::Plugin - interface to access shredder plugins
RTx::Shredder::Plugin::Attachments - search plugin for wiping attachments.
RTx::Shredder::Plugin::Base - base class for Shredder plugins.
RTx::Shredder::Plugin::Objects - search plugin for wiping any selected object.
RTx::Shredder::Plugin::Tickets - search plugin for wiping tickets.
RTx::Shredder::Plugin::Users - search plugin for wiping users.
RT::Record in lib/RTx/Shredder/Record.pm
RTx::Shredder::Dependencies in lib/RTx/Shredder/Dependencies.pm
RTx::Shredder::Dependency in lib/RTx/Shredder/Dependency.pm
RTx::Shredder::Exception in lib/RTx/Shredder/Exceptions.pm
RTx::Shredder::Exception::Info in lib/RTx/Shredder/Exceptions.pm
RTx::Shredder::POD in lib/RTx/Shredder/POD.pm
RTx::Shredder::POD::HTML in lib/RTx/Shredder/POD.pm

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