Changes for version 1.13

  • removed diag before each big t/11keywords.t loop
  • added suggested keywords from RT #62382: *_ and DATA to @FileHandles (the deprecated lowercase: stdin, stdout, stderr not), import unimport to @Functions, BINMODE CLEAR CLEARERR CLONE CLONE_SKIP CLOSE DELETE EOF ERROR EXISTS EXTEND FDOPEN FETCH FETCHSIZE FILENO FILL FIRSTKEY FLUSH GETC NEXTKEY OPEN POP POPPED PRINT PRINTF PUSH PUSHED READ READLINE SCALAR SEEK SETLINEBUF SHIFT SPLICE STORE STORESIZE SYSOPEN TELL TIEARRAY TIEHANDLE TIEHASH TIESCALAR UNREAD UNSHIFT UNTIE UTF8 WRITE to @TieIOMethods, can isa DOES VERSION to @UNIVERSALMethods, @EXPORT @EXPORT_OK @EXPORT_FAIL @EXPORT_TAGS _push_tags _rebuild_cache as_heavy export export_fail export_fail_in export_ok_tags export_tags export_to_level heavy_export heavy_export_ok_tags heavy_export_tags heavy_export_to_level heavy_require_version require_version to @ExporterSymbols (Zsbán Ambrus)
  • Moved exp from @Barewords to @Functions
  • Added English names for %!, @F (perlrun) and @ARG for @_ (Zsbán Ambrus)
  • Added %+ %- (Zsbán Ambrus) and $LAST_SUBMATCH_RESULT


Lists of reserved barewords and symbol names