Changes for version 1.111810

  • commit a46946a29b50a2892b84ba1437a67568b1ff4ad3 Merge: 9b68a67 f85599e Author: Alexei Znamensky <>
    • Merge branch 'rc/1.111810'
  • commit f85599efb4fdc9a41c6b8c1465f8620f3c90fc00 Author: Alexei Znamensky <>
    • using builder + laziness
  • commit 9b68a678e283a880f1177871ff8a9df2a7cc68a6 Author: Alexei Znamensky <>
    • small details


A framework for dataflow processing
A piece of information to be processed
A piece of information metadata
A ProcPolicy that accepts only array-references
A ProcPolicy that returns the very item passed
A ProcPolicy that returns undef to any type
A ProcPolicy that processes into references' values recursively
A Policy that processes into array references only
A ProcPolicy that treats scalars items and pass other types as-is.
A ProcPolicy that treats all items as scalars
A ProcPolicy that treats scalars items and pass other types as-is.
A data processor class
A CSV converting processor
A generic processor for format-conversion
A encoding conversion processor
A processor that generates multi-paged URL lists
A No-Op processor: input data is passed unmodified to the output
A 'null' processor, will discard any input and return undef in the output
A processor that generates SQL clauses
A processor that reads that from a file
A processor that writes data to a file
Upper-case processor: output data is input passed through uc()
A role that provides a facility for dumping data to STDERR
A role that provides a file-handle for processors
A role that defines how to use proc-handlers
A role that defines anything that processes something
Type definitions for DataFlow