Revision history for Bio::Phylo
0.08 20/Feb/2006 15:14
                       Improved referential integrity between nodes,
                                taxa, and data.
                       Implemented Fastnexus parser
                       Node object silently implements Bio::Tree::NodeI
                       		interface if BioPerl is installed
                       Tree object silently implements Bio::Tree::TreeI
                       		interface if BioPerl is installed
                       Added convertor methods for XML and CIPRES
                       Implemented more Matrix methods
                       Implemented symbol tables in Bio::Phylo::Util::CONSTANT                       
                       Implemented visit method for listable objects
                       Implemented caching infrastructure for calculations
                       Changed object-model to inside-out arrays
                       Added Biodiversity measures code by Aki Mimoto
                       Moved constants and exceptions to Bio::Phylo::Util::*
                       Fixed memory leak due to circular references
0.06, 0.07             Lots of things that I didn't write down
0.05 30/Sep/2005 20:53 Added sequence and alignment objects
                       Added lots more tree methods
		       Unified parsing and unparsing in a single IO module
                       Newick parser now correctly parses multiline strings
                       Implemented exceptions: Bio::Phylo::Exceptions
                       There is a discussion forum:
                       Autovivification of blessed hashes now prevented by using 'fields'
                       Implemented a single iterator interface for trees, tree objects, matrices, etc.
		       Implemented a separate treedrawer object for SVG drawings
                       Updated and expanded the documentation

0.04 20/Aug/2005 18:45 Added clone method to duplicate objects
                       Added negative_to_zero method to remove negative branch lengths.

0.03 09/Aug/2005 13:42 Added EXE_FILES switch to, scripts
                       in bin dir are now installed in the right location.
                       Reorganized "QUERIES" are now grouped
                       under "ACCESSORS" (doesn't change API).
                       Added link to home page:
                       Changed defaults for Svg unparser.
                       Changed parameter setting for unparsers.

0.02 02/Aug/2005 00:28 More example scripts in bin folder
                       Updated documentation for bug reports
                       Changed Newick parser (fewer method calls)
                       Minor bugfixes

0.01 30/Jul/2005 16:25 Initial CPAN release