Bio::Phylo::Unparsers::Pagel - Unparses pagel data files. No serviceable parts inside.


This module unparses a Bio::Phylo data structure into an input file for Discrete/Continuous/Multistate. The pagel file format (as it is interpreted here) consists of:

first line

the number of tips, the number of characters

subsequent lines

offspring name, parent name, branch length, character state(s).

During unparsing, the tree is randomly resolved, and branch lengths are formatted to %f floats (i.e. integers, decimal point, integers).

The pagel module is called by the Bio::Phylo::IO object, so look there to learn how to create Pagel formatted files.



The pagel unparser is called by the Bio::Phylo::IO object. Look there to learn how to create pagel formatted files.


Also see the manual: Bio::Phylo::Manual.


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Rutger A. Vos,

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The author would like to thank Jason Stajich for many ideas borrowed from BioPerl, and CIPRES and FAB* for comments and requests.


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