Revision history for Test-Aggregate

0.375  2017-01-08
        - Abort installation if using newer (incompatible) Test::More.
          Thanks to Alexandr Ciornii for the pull request (gh-5).

0.374  2016-08-16
        - Spelling fix (thanks to gregor herrmann rt-116399).

0.373  2015-09-27
        - Bail out of test suite if using newer (currently incompatible)
          Test::More (1.3+).  Thanks to E. Choroba for the pull request (gh-4).

0.372  2015-01-07
        - Add 'no_generate_plan' option to Test::Aggregate::Nested.
          Thanks to David D Lowe for the pull request (gh-3 and rt-100246).

0.371  2013-09-23
        - Fix bug in our test suite that failed to count enough diagnostics
          when run under verbose mode.
          Closes rt-88912 (and
          Thanks to gregor herrmann, Debian Perl Group for reporting.

0.370  2013-09-01
        - Fix interpolation bug that could cause 'Unrecognized escape'
          warning on some platforms.
        - Skip nested fork test on Windows.

0.369  2013-08-25
        - Don't print warning when exit() is called if it's called from
          a child process (if the pid has changed),
          since it seems likely that if the process has forked
          the child is expected to exit in some way.
        - Reformat dates in change log to appease CPAN::Changes.
          Thanks, Neil Bowers.

0.368  2013-08-14
        - Fix tests on windows

0.367  2013-08-13
        - Improve Test::Aggregate::Nested error handling:
          Don't treat undef as a failure;
          Show a warning and let Test::More::subtest() determine the result.
          This solves the false negative reported in

          Thanks to the venerable Andreas J. K├Ânig for reporting!
        - Add more tests.
        - Actually include previously added tests to the dist
          (Where are you Dist::Zilla?)

0.366  2013-07-11
        - Update metadata; Re-release to reindex with additional permissions

0.365  2013-07-10
        - Avoid printing unnecessary "ok - "'s diag()s when they are passing,
          and when the 'verbose' option is set to 0.
            - The problem was that the $verbose option was hard-coded as
              '2' deep inside the module.
        - Catch errors in tests under Test::Aggregate::Nested; report as ok(0)
        - Pod fixes
        - Update repository metadata

0.364  2010-12-04
        - Allow skipping the rest of a test using
            plan skip_all => $reason

0.363  2009-11-24
        - Pass current test name to setup and teardown.

0.362  2009-11-17
        - Removed broken "check_plan" from Test::Aggregate.  It was always
          dodgy and really doesn't contribute much and the latest release
          broke with 'no_plan'.  We now warn if we see this.
        - Minimum Test::More is now 0.94.  This gives us more robust nested

0.361   2009-10-20
        - Keep Makefile.PL in synch.  Reported by Andreas Koenig

0.36    2009-10-18
        - Mark for production.
        - Removed 'dump.t' files in tests.
        - Improve Test::Aggregate::Nested docs.
        - Removed some dead code.
        - Suppress multiple plans (#48352, Chisel Wright)

0.35_07 2009-08-19
        - Added missing files to MANIFEST.

0.35_06 2009-06-28
        - Added support for nested TAP via Test::Aggregate::Nested.
        - I really, really need to get a real release out.

0.35_05 2009-05-20
        - Removed bogus test file throwing my counts off.  No wonder all tests
          were failing for people!
        - Remove development lib links.

0.35_04 Not Released
        - Unlink dump files in tests.

0.35_03 2009-05-15
        - Don't run done_testing() in tests if it doesn't exist.

0.35_02 2009-05-14
        - Deprecate tests run in BEGIN/END/CHECK/INIT.
          See for more information.
        - check_plan, if set, is now done at the end of each test instead of
          the end of all tests.
        - Make it work with the Test::Builder 0.88 and previous versions.
        - Embed the calling test script name in a comment at the top of the
          dump file.
        - Fix a doc typo (thanks to Offer Kaye for the report)
        - Cleaned up some tests.

0.35_01 2008-11-18
        - Make 'exit()' scream loudly if called.
        - Move Test::Aggregate::Builder globals into a hashref in the object.
          Further encapsulation to come later.
        - Export &run_this_test_program from Test::Aggregate to make dump
          files cleaner.
        - Reorganize the test suite to avoid false negatives.

0.35    2008-10-27
        - Move from developer to production version number.
        - Add 'use Test::Aggregate' to the dump file.
        - Updated the docs to explain that the C<Test::More> functions are

0.34_09 2008-10-15
        - Added 'tests' key to the constructor.  This is an optional method of
          identifying which tests you wish to aggregate.

0.34_08 2008-10-14
        - Much refactoring of internals.  This moves some autogenerated code
          directly into the Test::Aggregate namespace and Test::Aggregate->run
          calls this code directly to better synchronize behavior between
          running the code and running the dump file.  This has the side
          effect of making individual test files much easier to find and read
          and makes the 'dump.t' file smaller.
        - Fixed a bug where a test dieing could cause the wrong test to be
          reported as failing.
        - Removed %INC from the list of localized variables.  Localazing this
          doesn't remove the code from the symbol tables, so attempting to
          later reload this code leads to strange failures.

0.34_07 2008-10-13
        - Fixed bug where dump file tests would fail if check_plan is set to
        - Common environment variables are now localized on a "per test file"
        - Make the "5.006" requirement explicit in the Build.PL and
          Makefile.PL scripts.

0.34_06 2008-09-21
        - Skip findbin test if FindBin < 1.47.  Seems to cause test failures
          as FindBin *appears* to be getting confused by the setting of $0,
          but I'm not sure yet as I don't have an older Perl installed.

0.34_05 2008-09-19
        - Changed 'unlink dump.t or die' to a warn (tests only).

0.34_03 2008-09-18
        - Fixed major regression where --dry was eliminated and test counts (X
          of Y tests) were eliminated.
        - Automatically build a proper Makefile.PL.
        - Add FindBin to the dependencies.
        - Major refactoring of internals to make debugging dump files much
          cleaner and easier (and reduce their size, while we're at it).

0.34_03 2008-09-15
        - Again cleaned up dump file generated when running tests.  Need to
          guard against that better.  Also removed it from the MANIFEST.

0.34_02 2008-09-14
        - Allow skip_all tests.

0.34_01 2008-09-04
        - Add an option to reinitialize FindBin for each aggregated test.
        - Don't emit a plan when not running any tests.

0.33    2008-09-03
        - Upload 0.32_05 as a non-development release.

0.32_02 2008-08-03
        - Added Test::Aggregate::Builder to the MANIFEST.

0.32_01 2008-08-03
        - Added line directives to aggregated tests to ensure that
          Test::Builder::ok can now report the correct filename and line
        - set_filenames => 1 is now the default behavior.
        - Split the Test::Builder override into its own package.

0.31    2008-07-22
        - Minor bugfix to play well with Test::Most (reset test failure when
          forcing failure after test program eval).

0.30    2008-07-17
        - Resolved final (known) bug with Test::NoWarnings.  If it's loaded
          before the plan is set, make sure we still adjust the plan.

0.24    2008-07-15
        - Document the 'local $@' problem in "COMMON PITFALLS".
        - Ensure that dump file also forces a failure outside the eval().
        - Make sure that the TEST_AGGREGATE environment variable is set in a
          BEGIN block.  Otherwise, code relying on this variable might get
          called too soon to check it.

0.23    2008-06-12
        - Reluctantly added Test::NoWarnings as a dependency to avoid test

0.22    2008-06-11
        - If we really do have an error from the eval listed below, make sure
          we have a failing test to accompany it.  Otherwise, tests which die
          might be reported as passing.

0.21    2008-06-11
        - Wrap ->run_the_tests() calls in an eval so that one package failing
          is less likely to stop the other tests from running.

0.20    2008-04-04
        - 'startup' and 'shutdown' are no longer called in BEGIN/END blocks.
          They were getting rather tricky due to timing issues.  This may
          change in the future.
        - Added 'check_plan' attribute.  This allows us to verify the plan of
          those test programs which have one (experimental).
        - Added 'test_nowarnings' attribute.  This can be used to disable
        - Reworked some of the Test::Builder changes to minimize the amount of
          monkey patching and to make the intent clearer.
        - Verbosity is now 0, 1, or 2.  If '1' is verbosity, we only show test
        - We now maintain the Build.PL and Makefile.PL files separately due to
          issues with the latter not supporting the features of the former.
        - Eliminated some bogus tests added which were only there to show you
          which aggtest was being run.
        - Fixed the dates in the Changes file.

0.11    2008-03-15
        - Fixed bug where not having Data::Dump::Streamer installed would
          cause test failures if 'dump' was not set.  Reported by numerous
          CPAN smoke testers :)
        - Added optional (and experimental) Perl::Tidy support.
        - Fixed broken 'verbose'.  The 'ok/not ok' message was being output
          regardless of verbose setting.

0.10   2008-03-13
        - Added startup, shutdown, setup, teardown attributes.
        - Add more tests.
        - Clean up dump file generated by tests.

0.08    2008-03-09
        - Require Test::Builder 0.74.
        - We now diag ok/not ok messages for each test program.  This makes it
          much easier to figure out which program failed.
        - Fixed warnings when 'dump' was not set.  Thanks to RENEEB for the
          bug report []

0.07    2008-03-05
        - Added TEST_AGGREGATE environment variable.

0.06    2008-01-15
        - Use an END block instead of adding Test::Builder::DESTROY.  This is
          cleaner and doesn't override the DESTROY provided by Test::Most.

0.05    2007-12-29
        - Fixed an open in aggtests/boilerplate.t which made the module fail
          with 5.005.

0.04    2007-12-29
        - Fixed open() to work with versions of Perl < 5.6
        - More extensive overriding of Test::Builder internals.  I tried to
          subclass it but it's not designed to be subclassed and much pain
        - Dump file now has all "run_the_tests" lines at the top and the
          packages below them.  This makes for easier debugging as you can
          comment out test packages one by one simply by commenting out its
          "run_the_tests" line.
        - Fixed bug where runtests() would run tests in a different order from
          the dump file.
        - Fixed bug where Test::NoWarnings would try to run a test after the
          plan was output.

0.03    2007-11-29
        - Moved 'skip_all' files into the t/ directory. Aggregating them
          fails.  mauzo (

0.02    2007-11-26
        - Fixed bug where multiple tests setting an explicit plan in the use
          statement would cause failures.
        - Attempt to work around 'unauthorized release' issue on the CPAN.
          Simply declaring the 'Test::Builder' package directly is frowned
        - Update the docs to warn explain 'shared variable' warnings.

0.01    2007-11-25
        First version.  Run test suites faster.