Revision history for Perl extension Net-SCP-Expect

0.16  Friday February 6 06:23:51 2009
- Clean distribution of ._* OS X resource forks (i.e. file/..namedfork/rsrc -> ._file)

0.15  Monday February 2 23:01:03 2009
- Support IPv6 host addresses in long and short scp forms.
- Add support for -C, -4 and -6 options (compress, force IPv4 and force
IPv6, respectively).

0.14  Saturday August 9 20:48:00 2008
- Fixed RT#38081 (password not required if identity_file specified).
- Fixed RT#36705 ( dynamically generates test files during runtime to reduce distribution size).

0.13  Wednesday June 11 05:07:34 2008
- Corrected issue with no exception thrown on failed scp execution after
successful login.  In general, exception handling should be more robust
and behave more consistently now.

- If an error_handler is defined, will now immediately return void from a
scp() call after the handler has executed.

- Fixed RT#18077 (error_handler not handing timeouts properly). Also added
immediate return from scp function if customer handler used, as no further
actions may be taken.

- Fixed RT#22907 (Some options require trailing space).

- Fixed RT#22909 (scp command string is underquoted). Use option 'auto_quote'
to enable auto-quote scp arguments.  Also escapes other single quotes to
insure support for path names with single quotes.  NOTE: This option is
enabled by default, which may break for backward compatibility with scripts
that manually quoted input arguments as a work-around for this bug.

- Fixed RT#24273 (scp binary is hardcoded, cannot specify a different path to
scp).  Use option 'scp_path' to specify a different SCP binary.

- Fixed RT#34001 (exit value is automatically set to -1 (255) when a program
including threads uses 'Net::SCP::Expect' - this breaks Test::*).  Removed
CHLD signal handler, instead relying on Expect to manage process exit cleanup.

- Fixed RT#34503 (Destination can't contain colon ':').

0.12  Wednesday Nov 24 08:03:33 2004
- Dumb bug fix.

0.11  Mon Nov 22 18:09:29 2004
- Added support for the -i, -s and -o options (identity file, subsystem
and option, respectively).
- Doc updates and modifications, including a recommendation to use the
Net::SFTP module instead of this one if possible.

0.10  Tue Aug 12 13:03:22 2003
- Made the initial password string more generic, allowing text between the
  word "Password" (or "Passphrase") and the ':' character.  Thanks John Vogtle.
- Added LICENSE and COPYRIGHT info.
- Minor addition to script (displays VERSION at start now).

0.09  Sun May 11 12:24:32 2003
- Fixed the Makefile.PL issue - it should actually build and install correctly
- Minor addition to itest/README file

0.08  Sun Apr 26 17:22:03 2003
- Added a test suite and interactive test program (see the "itest" directory).
- Fixed a bug where verbose output was accidentally being picked up by
  Expect, causing an error.  Thanks to Martin Burgess for the spot.
- Fixed the regex problems with the scp() method.  Thanks to many.
- The 'user' option now defaults to $ENV{USER}.
- Added a 'protocol' option to set the ssh protocol.  Thanks to Emir Rodriguez.
- Added a 'terminator' option to specify the character to immediately follow
  the password.  Thanks Rob Coops.
- Removed Term::ReadPassword from the prerequisites in the Makefile.PL file,
  but you'll still need it to run the script.
- Minor doc changes/additions, including preferred email address change.
- Some changes to Makefile.PL.
- Added a README file.

0.07  Sun Jul 7 16:08:00 2002
- There was a syntax error (not picked up by "perl -c") with one of the
  timeout error checks.  Thanks to Scott Glaser for the spot and fix.
- Added "Term::ReadPassword" to the pre-req's in the Makefile.PL.  You
  can ignore this if you don't care about the test.

0.06  Mon Jun 10 14:00:00 2002
- Fixed a MAJOR bug in which the spawned scp process was being killed by
  the parent instead of waiting for the operation to complete.  Thanks to
  Ruban Phukan for the spot and *many* thanks to J. David Blackstone for
  the fix.
- Some work on the test program - almost complete.

0.05  Mon Apr 29 15:10:49 2002
- Removed a lame -e check that was causing metacharacters to fail.  Any type
  of non-existent file error will now be treated like any other error.
- Modified the error handling yet again.  There were two problems that were
  worked out.  I'll just sum up by saying that it should work better now.

0.04  Fri Apr 12 15:52:33 2002
- Documentation fixes and additions (thanks BbBoy)
- Added an 'auto_yes' option/method so that you can automatically send
  'yes' to any 'yes/no' questions you may receive before finally sending
  your password (for first time connections, etc).
- Added a 'no_check' option to help speed up scp calls by up to 2 seconds
  per call.  Use this only if you're absolutely certain everything is
  set up correctly.
- Created separate timeouts for the 'auto_yes' and 'no_check' options, called
  'timeout_auto', and 'timeout_err', respectively.  I set their defaults
  to 1 second (which should be plenty) to improve speed.
- The error_handler will now trap errors in the 'expect' call as well as
  the 'scp' call.
- The -q option is *actually* being passed automatically now (oops).  Don't
  fret - this made no difference in any of the testing that I actually did,
  but there it is for you.

0.03  Wed Apr 10 08:04:17 2002
- Added better error handling in the event that a call to 'scp()' fails
- Added an 'error_handler' option/method so that programmers can trap
  and deal with failed 'scp' calls on their own terms.  Just make sure
  to die, croak, exit, etc. or your program may hang while waiting for
  terminal input.

0.02  Thu Apr 04 08:44:34 2002
- The -e file test is no longer applied in a remote-to-local scenario
- If a login is supplied, then that login is now automatically
  prepended to the host name, e.g. 'host:file.txt' becomes
  'login@host:file.txt', instead of using the current host name. Thanks
  to Guoben Li for the report.
- Regarding the above comment, there is a lot more automatic parsing
  in general so that you can use less verbose syntax if you want.  See
  the scp method for what now passes as valid syntax.
- Tested with Expect 1.15 - seems to work
- Fixed this distro so that it unpacks correctly. :)

0.01  Fri Mar 15 14:22:37 2002
- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
  -A -X -n String