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S├ębastien Aperghis-Tramoni
cfengine-tags - Generate tags files for Cfengine
cisco-status - Display the status of a Cisco network switch
rack - Fetch information and generate config files for RackObjects
rackapi - Web service access to RackMan
racktables-check - Perform various consistency checks on RackTables objects
rtlink - Trivial link redirecter to RackTables
RackMan - Main interface for accessing a RackTables database
RackMan::Config - Module to handle RackMan configuration
RackMan::Device - Class for representing a RackObject
RackMan::Device::PDU - Base role for PDU
RackMan::Device::PDU::APC_RackPDU - Role for APC Rack PDUs
RackMan::Device::Server - Base role for servers
RackMan::Device::Server::HP_ProLiant - Role for HP ProLiant servers
RackMan::Device::Switch - Base role for network switches
RackMan::Device::Switch::Cisco_Catalyst - Role for Cisco Catalyst network switches
RackMan::Device::VM - Base role for VMs
RackMan::File - Generic class to represent a file
RackMan::Format::Bacula - Generate the Bacula config files for a given RackObject
RackMan::Format::Cacti - Create Cacti graphs for the given RackObject
RackMan::Format::DHCP - Generate the DHCP config for a given RackObject
RackMan::Format::Generic - Generate a file from a generic for a given RackObject
RackMan::Format::Kickstart - Generate the Kickstart config for a given RackObject
RackMan::Format::LDAP - Generate the LDAP definition for a given RackObject
RackMan::Format::Nagios - Generate the Nagios config for a given RackObject
RackMan::Format::PXE - Generate the PXE config for a given RackObject
RackMan::SCM - Perform basic operations with any SCM
RackMan::Tasks - High-level tasks
RackMan::Template - Simple templating module for RackMan
RackMan::Types - RackTables <-> RackMan types translation
RackMan::Utils - Utility functions
RackTables::Schema - Base class for RackTables schema
RackTables::Types - Common RackTables types
Changes for version 1.18
    • Added missing prereqs.
    • Modified t/00-load.t to compile check the commands.
    • Modified t/01-programs.t so it only execute the tests in environments where Test::Cmd can find and load the required modules.
    • Fixed t/50-rackman-scm.t so it (hopefully) passes on Win32.
    • Prevent errors in Test::Kwalitee from making the tests fail.

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