Sergey Gladkov
and 1 contributors


  • Redis::CappedCollection - Provides fixed size (determined by 'maxmemory' Redis server setting) collections with FIFO data removal.


Changes for version 1.00

  • !!! This is a major upgrade that changes API. It's strongly advised to study revised documentation and update your code where necessary !!!
  • !!! Data structures created on the server by previous versions of the module are incompatible with this release. Existing collections must be recreated after updating to this release. !!!
  • Redis::CappedCollection->new() is deprecated and will be removed in future. Please use either create() or open() instead.
  • In the parameters of the methods 'redis' may be either a Redis object or a hash reference of parameters to create a Redis object.
  • Changed the order of the arguments of the 'insert' method.
  • The list ID and data ID arguments are mandatory for 'insert' method.
  • Added 'data time' argument for 'update' method.
  • Method 'info' renamed to 'list_info'.
  • Method 'exists' renamed to 'list_exists'.
  • Method 'drop' renamed to 'drop_list'.
  • Constructor parameter 'big_data_threshold' was removed.
  • 'last_removed_time' information attribute was removed.
  • Added constructor argument 'memory_reserve'.
  • Added 'oldest_time' method.
  • Use Const::Fast for values exported by the module.
  • Attributes 'advance_cleanup_bytes' and 'advance_cleanup_num' are stored on the Redis server and can be changed only by 'resize' method.
  • Redis server version 2.8 or higher is required.
  • We strongly recommend setting 'maxmemory' option in the redis.conf file.
  • Added utilities to dump and restore the collection: dump_collection, restore_collection . FIXES:
  • 'open' method fixed.
  • Tests fixed.